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Stop Creditors with the Power of the Rock. At Rock Law Firm, we help the people of Phoenix and the surrounding areas reset their financial outlook by guiding them through the processes of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Welcome to Rock Law Firm. We are dedicated to helping the residents of the greater Phoenix area to reset their financial outlook with the power of the Rock. If you are considering hiring a bankruptcy attorney near Phoenix, contact Rock Law Firm for help with the process.

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Offering those overwhelmed by debt a unique and effective discharge, the Rock Law Firm provides strength, knowledge, and conscientious representation throughout the bankruptcy process.


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Affordable Debt Relief

With no-money-down services and same-day filings available, Rock Law Firm makes it easy to stop creditors in their tracks. Enjoy legal relief from debt by contacting Jacob Goodman today!


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Our Process

Our mission is to provide assistance and hope to those feeling overwhelmed by debt. Rock Law Firm offers $0 down filing options for those who qualify to stop creditors and get you back on the path to financial stability.FIND OUT MORE

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Serving the residents and business owners of Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona, the Rock Law Firm is committed to helping you find legal relief from debt. To find out more about our unique approach, contact us now.


Effective Debt Resolution Made Affordable

Established in 2011, Rock Law Firm has become a reliable resource for those considering a bankruptcy attorney, offering hope to those who are stuck fighting aggressive creditors. We can help you fight back. You have a legal right to claim financial distress and get rid of unwanted debt. By offering an innovative approach to filing bankruptcy, we provide same-day filings with no money down. Find out why so many people depend on The Rock for quick and effective legal representation by scheduling a completely confidential consultation now.


Why Choose the Rock

Unrelenting and strong, the team at Rock Law Firm promises to provide clients just like you with a knowledgeable and skilled approach to filing bankruptcy. With a complete understanding of the intricacies of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings, we’re the helpful and friendly representation you need to restore your financial standing. Led by founder and principal attorney Jacob Goodman, our team promises discretion, integrity, and objectivity in all that we do.

This Time, Choose The Rock.

"I have been very pleased with Jacob's handling of my case. He was professional and very helpful when I had any questions. I would certainly recommend him when anyone requires the services of a lawyer"


"Jacob Goodman was very helpful in my case-he was reliable, efficient and kept me in the loop on everything. He worked diligently and quickly and I knew everything I needed would be taken care of the right way! I highly recommend his services-150%!"


"I retained Jacob Goodman earlier this year to represent me and file a bankruptcy case. Jacob was extremely easy to work with, he was very knowledgeable and explained the bankruptcy process in terminology that was easily understood. I would recommend Jacob's law firm anytime!"



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